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Know your hot water unit

Hot water


There is nothing more relaxing than coming home to a warm shower after a long day. Do you know how your Hot Water system works?

Have you got an idea or an understanding of the regular maintenance that is required, failure to do so may result in NO! hot water. Most of the time Hot Water Systems fail due to neglect of maintenance and can happen suddenly. Here are a few easy tips and steps you can follow to not only predict when you need your hot water system serviced, but to ensure the life time of your Hot Water System is prolonged.

Tricks that can be performed are as follow:

Tip one

When a hot water system is installed take note of the valves that are connected to your system. Because some of these valves play a major part in how your hot water system operates and functions, warranty cover and safety. These valves are known as:

  • Pressure limiting valve (reduces the pressure from the towns water supply to the correct pressure that a hot water tank can handle over long periods of time, wrong pressure can cause fittings to fail and tank to warp or stretch out.) change every 3 years
  • Temperature Pressure relief valve (The Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve (PTR) is designed to relieve the increase in pressure caused by water expansion during the normal heating cycle. The valve will then relieve the increase in pressure by releasing drips of hot water to the drain line.) must be change not exceeding 5 years
  • Tempering valve (this is a very important valve that most people don’t have installed or don’t actually know its purpose. This valve is used to decrease water temperature exiting out of tank from 80C to anywhere between 40C – 50C. These are installed as a safety instrument used to prevent serious burns especially to young children. Change every 3 years

Tip two

What to look for before your hot water system fails:

  • Water leaking from seals
  • Relief line constantly running
  • Rust stains
  • Erosion on both Pipe and fittings

In doing this it can indicate your hot water system may need looking at by a professional.
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Regular drainage to freshen up your unit

Your water heater builds up sediment at the bottom as it gets used. As this sediment builds up, it starts to cause issues within your hot water system. Eventually, if the sediment goes unchecked, it will end up destroying your hot water system. Thankfully, draining your hot water unit is quite easy. Doing so, regularly (at least once a year depending on how often it is used) is a great way of prolonging the life of your hot water unit.








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