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Leaking Tap Repairs & Installations

Leaking Tap Repairs & Installations

A very common issue is the leaking tap, whilst most people believe that it’s “just a washer” almost 80% of the time it isn’t the case.

A leaking tap can be caused from a various number of issues related to the components of the tap.

Causes for leaking taps are:

• The fiber washer may have split causing an external leak on the tap body
• The o- rings can ware away and cause water to leak through the top of the spindle casing
• The Jumper valve (Washer) can deteriorate due to overtightening or poor quality
• The brass seat in which the washer seals upon can form cracks which need to be re-surfaced
• In some cases, the thread within the spindle cases can seize up causing loss of tap function

Leaking Tap
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With all these issues to be aware of luckily the team at OPS have every single solution for you to get your taps renewed and restored back to new!

In the case of taps being well over their due date our technician will provide you with options to replace your taps with brand new state of the art and modern taps to suit your desire and aesthetic preferences. We have trusted suppliers who back all there products just like we do. If you are into the old style of tapware do not worry because we have specialist suppliers that can source these hard to find tapware within Australia. If you’re looking for a fresh new feel within your home we offer great tapware replacement packages and combo deals in which the technician can present to you when at your residence. From easy clean to ceramic disc for ease of operation! Optimum Plumbing Services has the best selection and the highest quality workmanship in Australia.


We service and install;

  • Bath taps and spout
  • Shower taps and rose, as well as sliding rails and other fixtures (soap holders etc.)
  • Basin tap sets
  • Basin, shower and kitchen mixer taps
  • Garden taps
  • Laundry tub taps and spouts
  • Washing machine and dishwasher taps (combination valves)
  • Mini isolation valves bellow kitchen sinks and basins.


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