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Toilet Installation and Repairs

Toilet Repairs & Installs

Toilets are Considered the most vital commodities within the home, the toilet is used regularly on a daily basis and from time to time can develop an issue which can prove to be most annoying.

Toilets are made up of both a pan and cistern, with over more than 1000 different types and styles of toilets on the market they consist of 2 main components which can fault over time.

Toilet Repair


  1. The Cistern Filling Inlet valve
  • Depending on the quality of the valve installed as well as the age of the unit, the Inlet valve can develop a few issues which can cause a few things to occur. From the shut off valve snapping within the unit which constantly allows water to flow into the cistern and through the overflow. Causes a constant filling sound and can waste excessive amounts of water.
  • As well as seizing up so as to not allow any water to fill into the cistern at all.
  • The connection below the cistern has also been known to develop cracks from age, causing a slow leak.
  • In some cases, the valve can blow off the top completely spraying mains pressure water throughout the room and smashing the lid of your cistern!
  • It is vital and recommended that you have old toilet cisterns checked over by an OPS professional to avoid these issues.


  1. The Outlet Flush valve
  • The main valve of any toilet suite, its main purpose is to withhold water and flush on the touch of a button.
  • The outlet valve is made up of various levers and mechanics which can sometimes snap and or break causing the buttons to stop working properly or not at all.
  • The rubber seal on the bottom of the outlet valve is what seals the water from leaking out! Over time these rubbers corrode and cause a slow leak within the cistern.
  • If you notice any of these issues we recommend you CALL US to send a technician to provide you with a quote and options to rectify/ service your cistern.


Some things to look out for when assessing your toilet suite include:

  • Cistern button failure
  • Small cracks along the ceramic bowl, pan and cistern
  • Not flushing correctly
  • Pipe connecting the cistern leaking water when flushed
  • Water running constantly into the bowl
  • Unusual sounds coming from the cistern
  • Very slow filling of the cistern
  • Water leaking from the base of the toilet
  • Water leaking from the cistern and connection to the sewer



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