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Water Meter Servicing

Water Meter Servicing

Do you struggle turning off your water meter in an emergency situation?

Or have you tested to see if your water meter tap is able to be turned off in case of an emergency situation?

Does it leak constantly from the top?

Has it been hit by a vehicle or lawn mower and looks as though it’s about to break?

Like all taps, a water meter shut off valve works the same, although it may be as old as the original building on the property which can make it a concerning issue and potential hazard.
The tap washers ware down and the spindles can seize up without you ever knowing until it is too late!

Repairs & Replacements

Repairs and replacements of water meter shut off valves must be conducted by a licensed plumber as they must be handled with delicacy and accuracy due to the extreme pressure contained within, and in most cases a changeover of a meter tap requires the main line from the street to be shut down or frozen with liquid nitrogen.

Watermeter Service



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